The start…

I have no idea where to start, so I have decided to just sit down and write. I have been “planning” this blog for a very long time and never had the time to actually do anything about it. As luck (fate/destiny/the universe) would have it I am a SAHM as of 2 weeks ago and so for the first time in years I have time to myself. A bit about me and how this blog came about: I am mom to Aaron – the cutest kid ever! (And I’m not at all biased! hehe). He’s just turned two and is the light of my life. He is wildly entertaining and has a fantastic sense of humour. Extremely busy, hardly ever sits still, unless it’s to count and organise. He loves all ball sports and I’m convinced he’s going to be a brilliant sportsman. You should see his bowling skills! He also loves to organise and sort things – by colour, size, etc. His favourite thing to count is money! I always laugh and say he got his sporting skills from his dad and his accountant skills from me 🙂 I have been interested in motherhood for a while now – long before I became a mom myself. My honours thesis was on perceptions and meanings of motherhood, and the initial plan was to actually do a discourse analysis on “mommy blogs” or forums. At the time South Africa didn’t have a great Internet system and very few people had 24hr access. What this meant, however, that as soon as the Internet became accessible and South African mommies started to blog, I was there reading, watching, observing… What is also meant was that as a researcher I started to accumulate knowledge about mothers and motherhood, as well as products. I found that at the end of the day I had stockpiled so much information about things I needed to find a way to share it – hence this blog (and its title). I always joked that I was a directory for certain services – why not make it availble to others? So here it is. Hopefully you find it helpful and enjoyable – and if not – feel free to provide feedback to help me improve 🙂 “See” you soon. Nadia


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